Binge : 5 shows that won’t disappoint

So if you’re a ‘tv junkie’ like myself or about to enter that phase, then you all know or will learn that the most excruciating part of watching a series (especially if it’s good) is that you have to wait for new episodes (absolute killer to my patience). So in order to spare some withdrawal or binge-ing issues, I have only included shows that are completely finished and are currently available somewhere on the internet (legal or illegal sourcing is totally your own fault and not mine for the encouragement!).

1 . Leverage (2008 – 2012)
Leverage creates a very comedic style to drama &action (perhaps some dips of romance) and it’s most certainly been one of the most entertaining shows i’ve ever watched. The shows is grounded in firm roots of promoting a modern day style robin hood team that are for here to ‘fight’ for the benefit and justice of ordinary people against the corporate and governmental world.

Leverage is a fun-filled show that can highlight lots of real life issues and situations that you could learn from (in principle rather than example; don’t go jumping off roofs or hijacking things). This is without a doubt a very intense binge.

P.S. if you can’t bare the poor quality of a 7 year old trailer then go to the imdb link just below!

2 . Nikita (2010 – 2013)

Action & drama packed to the brim. Nikita offers an intense setting that can immediately hook you in easily within the first few episodes. Nikitia brought a lot of suspense to the table in my tv palette because the tv shows just riles with adrenaline, action and unexpected occurrences.

The series is focused around Nikita and her quest to take down a secret organisation that is empowered by the government. The full series definitely develops and turns tables throughout all the time and it’s one where you will latch on for dear life because you’ll realise you only have two hours left of sleep before you start work the next day. Be prepared because it’s one hell of a show to get hooked onto!

3 . Forever (2014 – 2015)

You all may think that due to it falling short after a one season debut that this show surely wouldn’t be eve considered in a list like this but I assure you that you are far from right.

Forever encapsulates an immortal man living in modern day society as a medical examiner. This crime drama brings a sherlock holmes style mood to the show’s atmosphere and the balance between drama, action and crime is just at an equilibrium to enjoy whilst making you edge on your seat.  If anything, make sure you watch this show because for the short length of time required to fulfill one season, it’s most definitely worth it.

4 . Stalker (2014 – 2015)

Very much like Forever, the one season debut is very much misleading. Although I do think that if you watch the entire show that you may regret it because the ending is an absolute suspense machine and it really annoyed me because there was no season 2, so that is prewarning. Otherwise, make sure you watch this.

Stalker is a thrilling crime drama focused on a specialised police unit to deal with stalking. This show takes two episodes (I promise) for you to build a love and addictive relationship with, this show goes from ‘0 to 100’ so fast because it has some ingenious way to create intense moments and really suspend it’s audience. I don’t feel like I need to explain anymore; the trailer already says a lot.

5 . White Collar (2009 – 2014)

White Collar is an ingenious crime & action drama with lots of comedy flying through, based around a white collar criminal (Neal Caffrey) that helps the FBI catch criminals. The show focuses deeply Neil’s relationship with his handler, friends, his past, present and future. It’s a very ethical show that stretches people’s subconscious decision making and conscience along with the consequences of decisions.

It has very few dry moments that make you go ‘ugh’ but rest assured the entire series is an absolute must to venture through. Deceit, trust, loyalty, deception, the tables and scenarios are constantly mixing and twisting that keep the show edgy and interesting. It should hold a stable appetite within your binge-ing diet.

There’s a special show that I want to dedicate to this post and the reason I haven’t included it here because I’m pretty sure I will end up making a post dedicated to it some time in the future (and I don’t want to bore you with repeated content!), but if you are itching to find out that show trumps it all then go and explore it yourself. The show will not let down those that have love for comedic action, drama and quite a heartbreaking romance line (appeals especially to the geeks of this world – which is nearly everyone nowadays). Have a quick look at the trailer here and go for it!

Chuck (2007 – 2012)


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