‘9 to 5’

Within the last year several of my friends have gotten engaged, married, puppies… I guess what I am trying to express that since a lot of them are finishing university and the first initial years of post-school and there’s a huge wave of settlement and stability happening on my social media feed; I sincerely send them my best wishes. Stability isn’t something I, personally, can … Continue reading ‘9 to 5’

Farewell 852.

Emotionally expressive isn’t particularly a description I am associated with; I don’t tend to exaggerate my feelings nor express them too deeply and openly, I may have sometimes even been called ‘’pretty cold and expressionless’’, but I won’t name any names. I think that statement above is something that no one I have met in Hong Kong really would agree with (I would like to … Continue reading Farewell 852.

Why I want to travel to: North America – Canada!

Canada Ever since I was young I would watch movies made in North and South America. This has not only taught me English, but also shown me the many beautiful places in this continent. And now that I’m definitely old enough, I would love to visit all of them. And therefore, I will highlight some of these place in this series of Why I want to … Continue reading Why I want to travel to: North America – Canada!

Why you should venture to Hong Kong.

I gave a brief spiel about what I miss about Scotland so I find it only fair that I sell you some of the great things about Hong Kong. HK offers an insanely international environment to meet people from all walks of life from literally anywhere in the world. It’s a global platform for socialisation and if you are willing to take advantage of it then … Continue reading Why you should venture to Hong Kong.

A few things a ‘Scot-y’ misses about Scotland.

After spending my first month in Hong Kong, I am beginning to gather a feel of some lovely things that I miss from the land o’ the bru. Yes, the first and foremost; Irn Bru. The delicacy that cannot be accessed as easily anywhere else but in it’s homeland and I am most certainly craving it. Secondly, a fry up. A fantastic Scottish breakfast is … Continue reading A few things a ‘Scot-y’ misses about Scotland.