Independence or Cold Shoulder?

For the majority of those who know or perhaps don’t know my siblings and I (mainly my sister and I), we don’t mention much about our teen years in depth but I’ve come to realise that perhaps a particular trait of our’s can be misconstrued or perhaps taken in quite a negative perspective, so please allow me to provide some context and comfort, especially to … Continue reading Independence or Cold Shoulder?

What We’ve Learned This Summer

Gabriel: This summer has been interesting to me because I learned not to sell myself short in any aspect of my life. I believe that because of selling myself short in the past I got the ”impostor syndrome”, meaning I didn’t believe I deserved to be in a certain positions and was afraid that other people would ”find out” that I’m not good enough. After … Continue reading What We’ve Learned This Summer

Farewell 852.

Emotionally expressive isn’t particularly a description I am associated with; I don’t tend to exaggerate my feelings nor express them too deeply and openly, I may have sometimes even been called ‘’pretty cold and expressionless’’, but I won’t name any names. I think that statement above is something that no one I have met in Hong Kong really would agree with (I would like to … Continue reading Farewell 852.

Being Vocal About Your Goals & Ambitions

This week was my last week of University for a while and I realized all the good things I’ve accomplished this year by not keeping my goals and ambitions quiet anymore. And I mean this in the least annoying way possible! I’m sure that you’ve heard quotes like ”Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise” or other varieties. I don’t fully agree … Continue reading Being Vocal About Your Goals & Ambitions

Post Break-Up.

I think there are so many different responses that an individual goes through during a break up and that can be from relying on friends, rebounds, isolation, the get-over-a-break-up remedies vary so significantly depending on where or who you turn to for comfort. So here’s a quick guide to what I’ve learnt through my friends and my own experience! 1. Surround yourself with people that … Continue reading Post Break-Up.