Throwing myself out of my Comfort Zone

So today marks 2 weeks of me being in South-Korea for my exchange, and so far it’s already been one of the best experiences I’ve had. As I’ve mentioned before, I first put Italy as my first choice for my exchange, but after talking to friends I realized that I should go even further than Italy to challenge myself. That’s how I basically came up … Continue reading Throwing myself out of my Comfort Zone

Learning To Have A Conversation.

This was a post that I’ve been trying to write for quite awhile but unsure on which direction or wording I should take without sounding profoundly stupid. So I guess here we go, may your crippling judgement begin! (That’s a joke btw) Isn’t it interesting that we as people learn to speak, talk and hear and we use these abilities every single day of our … Continue reading Learning To Have A Conversation.

‘Sitting’ To My Guns.

Pardon the pun in the heading but I just had to. With the content we produce and share with you all, it most frequently revolves around life choices, decisions, empowerment and in general quite serious topics rather than being light-hearted and fun content and this is definitely something we are aware of. We’ve done some more free loving, loose and fun content tailored for entertainment … Continue reading ‘Sitting’ To My Guns.

What’s Important Now?

I have always grown up in an overall (I use overall very loosely here) loving and caring family but there have always been difficulties throughout the years; from accountability of my parents, siblings and even myself, family relations, finances, bereavement… it’s been a whirlwind of a life and yet we’ve come out on a fighting and forward looking front. I am sure many of the … Continue reading What’s Important Now?

Career first or Cameron first?

As we all progress on our paths in life we come across crossroads where we have to make decisions. Often these decisions are very difficult dilemmas which can significantly impact what happens to our immediate future; where we go, what we do, who we’re with… Whilst under the bustling world of final year, I’ve had to come across another one of these dilemmas that curse … Continue reading Career first or Cameron first?

I’m Going To Study in South-Korea!

When I was younger I would read or see stories about people doing exchange programes and those being one of the best experiences as a young student. Well, three years ago I finally got the chance to apply for an international oriented study that would enable me to have an exchange abroad. After 2 years of studying and half a year of an internship, I … Continue reading I’m Going To Study in South-Korea!