Post Break-Up.

I think there are so many different responses that an individual goes through during a break up and that can be from relying on friends, rebounds, isolation, the get-over-a-break-up remedies vary so significantly depending on where or who you turn to for comfort. So here’s a quick guide to what I’ve learnt through my friends and my own experience! 1. Surround yourself with people that … Continue reading Post Break-Up.

Bringing Value To The Table.

I have grown up in a very consumerist mindset; if I pay for something then I expect to gain something in return for that, this has always been subtly engrained as an expectation for everything else in my life, in particular my relations with people. When I gave, I always expected something back in return, perhaps not immediately or on the same magnitude but it … Continue reading Bringing Value To The Table.

Should You Stop Trying to Stay Motivated?

The internet is a place saturated with (obnoxious) people trying to tell you why you should do this or why you shouldn’t do that…why having plans is key to achieving goals or trying to motivate you through one way or another blah blah blah. It’s all the same right? And those videos that tell you to click on their link to find out their ‘SECRET’… … Continue reading Should You Stop Trying to Stay Motivated?

Legacy of my life..and yours.

We have posted about being selfish and prioritising yourself in your decision making and lifestyle in order to stop caring about judgement and what other people think of you. But this, obviously, is not as simple as black and white. Our repetition and emphasis on being more selfish is to encourage more positivity and confidence in yourself to counter all the negativity of judgement out … Continue reading Legacy of my life..and yours.