I’m Going To Study in South-Korea!

When I was younger I would read or see stories about people doing exchange programes and those being one of the best experiences as a young student. Well, three years ago I finally got the chance to apply for an international oriented study that would enable me to have an exchange abroad. After 2 years of studying and half a year of an internship, I … Continue reading I’m Going To Study in South-Korea!

2018 : Goals On The Line.

I guess perhaps a lot of you may have been following our content for awhile or maybe you haven’t but as may notice, I’m quite a ‘thinker’. I evaluate, ponder and scrutinise everything regularly in order to almost check in with myself to understand where I stand, metaphorically of course. With some clarity brought to my train of thought after an intense festive period being … Continue reading 2018 : Goals On The Line.

Farewell 2017.

First and foremost, we want to wish you all a fantastic end to 2017 during this New Year’s Eve! With 2018 closing in on us I wanted to quickly just ‘spit some shine’ on a really important aspect of our lives that we should evaluate especially with wanting to create changes to have a fresh and improved year coming ahead; our environment. We’re massively influenced … Continue reading Farewell 2017.

New Year’s Resolutions.

With Christmas followed very closely by New Year’s, we will all very quickly be blowing out our New Year’s Resolutions. I honestly don’t believe that we need the occasion of New Year in order to create resolutions to improve, strengthen or even better aspects of our lives. This should surely be something we strive for in our daily routines rather than once a year just … Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions.

‘9 to 5’

Within the last year several of my friends have gotten engaged, married, puppies… I guess what I am trying to express that since a lot of them are finishing university and the first initial years of post-school and there’s a huge wave of settlement and stability happening on my social media feed; I sincerely send them my best wishes. Stability isn’t something I, personally, can … Continue reading ‘9 to 5’

How I Lost My Confidence.

  I think a lot my friends, family and perhaps regular viewers of our content may already find the title of this post quite sceptical. You may even be questioning in your head… ‘’Cameron? Not confident? Bullsh**.’’ Please allow me to explain first. I think confidence runs through my persona in the way I portray myself and ‘hold’ myself in front of others; this is … Continue reading How I Lost My Confidence.