‘9 to 5’

Within the last year several of my friends have gotten engaged, married, puppies… I guess what I am trying to express that since a lot of them are finishing university and the first initial years of post-school and there’s a huge wave of settlement and stability happening on my social media feed; I sincerely send them my best wishes. Stability isn’t something I, personally, can … Continue reading ‘9 to 5’

How I Lost My Confidence.

  I think a lot my friends, family and perhaps regular viewers of our content may already find the title of this post quite sceptical. You may even be questioning in your head… ‘’Cameron? Not confident? Bullsh**.’’ Please allow me to explain first. I think confidence runs through my persona in the way I portray myself and ‘hold’ myself in front of others; this is … Continue reading How I Lost My Confidence.

Independence or Cold Shoulder?

For the majority of those who know or perhaps don’t know my siblings and I (mainly my sister and I), we don’t mention much about our teen years in depth but I’ve come to realise that perhaps a particular trait of our’s can be misconstrued or perhaps taken in quite a negative perspective, so please allow me to provide some context and comfort, especially to … Continue reading Independence or Cold Shoulder?

What We’ve Learned This Summer

Gabriel: This summer has been interesting to me because I learned not to sell myself short in any aspect of my life. I believe that because of selling myself short in the past I got the ”impostor syndrome”, meaning I didn’t believe I deserved to be in a certain positions and was afraid that other people would ”find out” that I’m not good enough. After … Continue reading What We’ve Learned This Summer

Game of Thrones: Five Reasons Why Season 7 Is Honestly Not That Good.

The latest season of Game of Thrones has just passed us, leaving in its trail a myriad of questions and cliff hangers (as it always does), and we all will have to suffer the wait before the final season comes *wipes tear from eye*. While the recent season has lived up to and continued its long-lasting reputation, I (Ryan), who loves playing devils advocate, want to … Continue reading Game of Thrones: Five Reasons Why Season 7 Is Honestly Not That Good.

Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather – Predictions & Breakdown

BIG FIGHT ALERT!!!! The Unlikely Guys are big fans of many things, one of them being the UFC and boxing, so with the big fight coming up, we decided to make a mini podcast discussing the oppositions and what we think will happen! Watch we have to say below! Be sure to comment and subscribe to our channel! Continue reading Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather – Predictions & Breakdown