Comparing your life to those of others

Comparing your life to those of other people is one of those pitfalls that might hinder your growth as a person.

In our last podcast we discussed a habit of mine that I wasn’t sure if it was bad or not. This habit of mine is that I compare my current life to those of successful people when they were my age or just to successful people that are my age.

I started doing this at around 18 years old because I felt like I was getting old (which totally wasn’t true). I would see these people doing really cool things like being a top level athlete or becoming famous at a young age. And depending on what it was, it would make me feel bad or motivated.

Until now, I wasn’t aware of the effects it had on my mental state. And that I should not forget to also carve my own path in life, which is what I should’ve been doing from the start. Because I learned that putting yourself down is the worst thing you can do ever, especially before doing what you want in life.

During the podcast Cameron shared that he created a 20 year plan that was influenced by him comparing himself to someone else. In the end he said that it did not work out because he realized that it was not everything he wanted, but things the THOUGHT he wanted. And I can see myself in his situation as well, because we were (and still are) quite young people trying to make decisions about our entire life at that age while being influenced by the great people around us.

An option you have in life is to follow what other people around you have done, which is totally fine. But what I learned what is best for me and maybe you as well,  is creating my own path in life.

So don’t put yourself down because  you are not as far as your peers, because that’s their life and not yours.


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