Legacy of my life..and yours.

We have posted about being selfish and prioritising yourself in your decision making and lifestyle in order to stop caring about judgement and what other people think of you. But this, obviously, is not as simple as black and white. Our repetition and emphasis on being more selfish is to encourage more positivity and confidence in yourself to counter all the negativity of judgement out there but there is an aspect that I feel you should consider and that is your legacy as a person. This has become something that I’ve been really thinking about more closely in the past couple of months; after experiencing loss on all kinds of different scales and situations, I acknowledge the importance of appreciation on a macro and micro scale, life is too short and can be lost so suddenly that your every interaction with them could potentially be your last; I try my best not to waste my opportunities and scrub out as much negativity out of my life as I can, I try make every interaction as positive and great as I can for myself as well as also others. Your decisions will directly impact those who surround and interact with you. You should genuinely think about your legacy as a person;
What will you be remembered by when you die?
What kind of actions will people remember you for?
What kind of things will people reminisce with you about?
Who’s going to be at your funeral and what will they have to say about you?
When you’re on your deathbed, what kind of actions will you end up regretting?

I really believe that your legacy as a person is so important because this macro scale thinking puts you in a position to positively influence people, whether it’s a stranger on the street or your closest friend from school; one person is better than none. Just think of the possibility that if you influence one person and they influence another, then this could potentially knock on to hundreds, thousands and possibly millions hopefully.

Regardless if it scales to an exponential scale; I know one thing for sure, I don’t want the legacy of my life to be surrounded by negative emotion and bad actions; that would be one of the biggest regrets on my deathbed. What is yours?



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