Advice, advice and more advice.

I, like many of you, seek advice regularly and others also ask for my advice with a similar frequency. Advice has been a key part of social interaction since before we even know and some people really hack and master the art of advice & social interaction. Whether a master or novice, I feel like everyone should understand the principle of advice that I have come to know myself.

We all make mistakes; whether predicated on our own judgement or advice given to us. I have had to quickly learn to gauge my own perspective when I absorb advice and mould it into something more appropriate for myself because I have felt myself relying on other people’s judgement on my situation and following their decision. I very quickly became numb in my own understanding my morals, personality and perspective because you’re willing to follow someone else’s programming.

Advice given and received can almost come as an end all and be all sometimes, especially when it comes from significant or valued figures in your life.  You should remember that they are giving you advice from their personal experience and what they think is in your best interest but it doesn’t mean that it is the most appropriate decision to undertake their advice. It can sometimes even come across that there is always a right and wrong answer. But in a matter of fact? There’s no right or wrong. You have to remember and acknowledge that advice is personal and is very much subjective to that individual. The literal definition of the word ‘advice’ is ‘’guidance or recommendations offered with regard to prudent action’’. The whole objective of advice is to provide guidance or a recommendations, not to provide a definitive answer.

Never forget to observe why people give you that advice, think in their shoes to understand why they gave that particular perspective and assess whether it is appropriate for yourself. We often trust our peers enough to run with their ideas and advice and forget to think for ourselves and this could potentially be very risky and dangerous for ourselves just as mentioned above.

We, including myself, should strive to be more self aware of our own situations; especially if our gut is screaming no when you’re given advice. We should be conscious of this because our guts normally give us a good shout if things are good or bad decisions. 

Appreciate advice, evaluate the advice, apply if appropriate. Be more self aware.



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