The Frustrations of Active Dating.

So lately I’ve been thinking about what is the best way of dating and I still can’t decide on what fits me the best. As of last year I have become more active than I ever have been in the years before that and it’s made me grow more as a person, which I am really grateful for. But as of late, it’s been quite stressful walking into dead ends. Many times it looked like something good was about to happen but then it would abruptly end.

I consider myself to be a passionate person, so I put a lot of effort in most things in my life. So having something that is looking good to suddenly end, can be quite tiring. Especially when it looks promising after talking for some time.

Last night I talked to a friend about these frustrations. She is a person that thinks you should just be a social person and let fate take its course. I don’t fully share this mind set because I feel you might lose some of your best years waiting for something that might never come. And honestly I’m sure that I would feel incredibly lonely if enough time passes.

As of now I don’t see a clear path for me to take, probably because I’m conflicted on what to do. When things go wrong I always look at myself first, because I believe when you constantly blame everyone else your growth as a person will stagnate. Even though the tone of this post sounds helpless, I can assure you that I’m motivated by difficult situations such as these. Staying resilient in the face of adversity is one of my qualities that I am most proud of.

So for now I will take more time to reflect on my efforts and consider my approach in life.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this subject!



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