Game Face.

After watching someone I know get frustrated and bothered about someone else’s reaction and behaviour towards them, I can’t help but do a post like this and give a very ‘rant’ style post to express how many sh*ts you should not give to people that are irrelevant in your life.

Get fired up and ready because this is 100% real talk and the mindset that I’ve built up to be resistant against negativity, appreciative of people that are positive influences and full on game face mode when I am in my ‘zone’ to get things rolling in my life. There’s gonna be cliched things you might think ”ugh, that’s so typical” but let me tell you that they are cliched because once you realise it, you truly understand why they got so overused and became the cliche terms you hear today (but I’ll give it a good shot to put an original spin on it).

Being victimised and ”life isn’t fair”. Stop making yourself believe that you are a victim in every situation, stop moaning about how unfair life is when there’s people that don’t have food or water to survive when you have the bloody luxury to have the internet to read this. No one is dealt with perfect cards, life is not fair, accept that fact. If you want ‘fair’, then get up, go out and make that change for yourself; whining doesn’t change.

Negativity. If you preach negativity in your sentences, you’ll never get to see what great and positive opportunities there are out there because you’re going to actively look for negativity. Flip your switch now and start seeing things differently or you will, and I can assure you of this, get sucked into an endless spiral. The worst part of this is that you could possibly spread it onto other people and one of two things will happen; your peers will end up joining in and you will just have a group of people that see things negatively or they will want to stop being around you very quickly. If you were consistently being negative with me and moaning? I’d drop you quicker than you could say ”Life is so unfai-”.

Hate. Now this is very easily associated to bullying and I know there’s a lot of deeper issues revolving around this, but creating resilience towards hate by practicing everything else I mentioned in this post really does make a hell of a difference. Go all in on your self-belief for this one. People are going to hate you regardless whether you are a saint or not, you have to accept that. No matter what you do, where you are, who you speak to, there will be people that don’t like you; get fu*king used to it. You are not in this World to please every single person you meet or encounter, it’s just not possible and nor should you hold onto that romantic idea. Be kind, polite, compassionate but never have the expectation that people have to like you by default because of those qualities and actions. I cannot guarantee it will be easy to deal with people that don’t like you even though you feel you’ve done nothing wrong but I can guarantee to you one thing; most people will appreciate those qualities and you will find some spectacular people because of it, I can certainly guarantee you that.

Solutions, not problems. This is the simplest thing ever; if you cannot be part of the solution then for goodness sake, don’t be part of the problem. If you got nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all. When you can begin to start providing solutions instead of problems, then you should start preaching.

Good feels. If you feel suffocated and lack of fulfilment then why don’t you just try doing something good? If you need to feel something in order for you to understand this all then trust me, do something good. There’s no better sense of feeling valued, useful, fulfilled and a sense of self worth like actually putting yourself in a situation to help someone. One small act of kindness may make take ten seconds of your time but can mean so much more to the recipient.

In podcast #9, all three of us spoke about our views on some of these things so check it out below!

There are no reasons or examples in the entire World that you can give to me that will convince me that moaning, being negative and causing problems is a better lifestyle. These are some really core things that get me pumped to be in the right mindset, they’re just the tip of the iceberg that have opened up a completely new perspective to my life and I am sure it could for you too. Get your sh*t together, get fired up and motivated to improve.








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