A little reiteration for a bigger picture.

In our podcast #7, we discussed the acknowledgement of a suicide and our feelings on the matter. I wanted to condense some key things we have mentioned then and from before that I feel is important to bring up with you all.

If you haven’t had a chance to listen in on the podcast, here is the link! We start talking about the matter at 35:00.

We mention in the podcast that suicide could possibly be prevented by a simple question of asking someone how they are doing or just catching up with someone and showing some care. I strongly believe that this could provide an impact to someone that is under that kind of oppressive mental situation and perhaps it could show a sense of affection or care to actually prevent something tragic from happening. This small act of compassion could have such a huge impact someone’s life that it is surely worth it to at least try.

I don’t think there any telltale signs of someone that is thinking about suicide which means potentially anyone in your life or that you walk past could have those kind of thoughts floating in their heads. In the best situation possible; you could influence that life. In a previous post we spoke about reaching out to old friends and just in general being socially more active and empathetic towards people you have may lost touch with; I want to encourage you all to do so now because any one of those friends may be in this kind of situation and you could be a deciding factor in their life.

I don’t feel like I can provide much more in written for this because it’s a very black and white canvas; you either do it or you don’t but I really hope you all do reach out to at least one friend just for a quick catch up, you just never know. To those out there that are in this position, I really hope you reach out to someone you feel you can trust as well because your life isn’t worth losing just like that.

Please give the podcast a listen because we discuss this very seriously and I want to empathise with this situation and hopefully it can make a difference to someone out there. If this can make a difference to just one person then we will feel more than fulfilled that we could provide some sort of support and meaning. If you feel you can trust us then you’re welcome to reach out as well, if we can make a difference for you then we’d be more than happy to.

Edit : I just came across a new campaign launched by Childline called ‘tough to talk’ about suicide. Please check it out and pledge your support by sharing it!



2 thoughts on “A little reiteration for a bigger picture.

  1. Thank you for spreading awareness of suicide prevention. I was in the mental hospital for multiple suicide attempts and my roommate hung herself in the bathroom and died while I was in our room watching the ordeal and there was nothing I could do about it. I was too late. I can’t forget seeing the corners of the polka dot blanket draped over the door and the sound of her lifeless body dropping to the ground after the fire alarms were blaring. Hang in there xx

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    1. I’m so sorry to hear that, we could never gauge an experience like this ourselves and we’re so glad you reached out! This is exactly the kind of thing that we want to raise awareness about! Thank you so much for sharing your story!!

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