Money Where Our Mouths Are.

We have been blogging for just over six months now; we have channeled a fair amount of what you may deem as cliched motivation and positivity into our posts to hopefully spread some inspiration but most importantly as a reminder and document of our own mindset and development. I speak on behalf of myself only but I can certainly observe the changes that have happened in both Ryan and Gabriel’s life because of this project that we created. However great the significance of the impact, it has promoted a much more positive side of us and I couldn’t be more grateful that we have pursued this and will continue to do so to test our creative and practical boundaries as a team and individuals.

We speak so freely and easily about doing things and being motivated in what we do but we know how difficult it is. The grind is real and it’s certainly on the most part, not a friend. All three of us currently live in different countries and time zones. Yet, we can pull together to still produce content on varying platforms and trying to keep it together with all the adversity that life is throwing at us. I certainly know that we aren’t a booming viral blog nor do we capture audiences in the millions but there’s definitely a much bigger picture about being able to do something you enjoy with the people you enjoy doing it with; it’s not impossible if you’re willing to just give it a try and put in the bloody work.

I firmly believe we all spend too much time giving into societal pressures and judgement which is suffocating our willingness to express ourselves in a way that is suitable for our own development and gain; it’s time to be selfish and understand that if people aren’t able to support you or at least be okay with you being ‘you’ then they aren’t the kind of people you should be surrounding yourself with. Your social environment is so important in being comfortable in your own skin and I wouldn’t have learnt how vital this was if I didn’t have the other two guys from this blog doing this with me, this in turn also allowed me to acknowledge exactly what kind of people I want surrounding me in my ecosphere.

Over half a year from our first post and constant badgering in our blog about going out and getting shit done? We’re doing it and we’re not stopping. Reflecting in this moment right here; I see the difference immediately from over six months ago and I’m so glad that this is where I am at now. I have a phenomenal social environment consisting of people all around the world that is constantly maturing and developing. They promote all the aspects of my life that I want to develop and I couldn’t have done it if I didn’t get off my ass and move to Hong Kong. Right now I work full time (with perhaps too intensive OT sessions), sport regular exploration in Hong Kong to fulfill my IG feed, accommodate some travels every month (currently Philippines & Beijing done with the next few booked), fulfill the torturous requirements of uni work, regularly socialise with my friends and sometimes foes and just to top it all off; play hard at the weekends. All of this and more whilst still boring you with blog posts and podcasts, and the amazing thing is that I am riding this chaotic wave with enjoyment and fulfillment. I am living proof that you can come from a small place in the ‘Shires’ of Scotland and hold your own with confidence in a place as busy, complex and competitive as Hong Kong. There is no reason why you can’t, only excuses you want to hide behind. 

I hope we as a trio are evident enough to compel you to get your ass in gear and go because the more you think and contemplate, the more time you will waste. Execute now, if you fail then rinse and repeat; you won’t get there if you don’t try and work it.



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