How an online friendship became a real one

I basically grew up with the internet around me since I was a teenager. And like most young kids we would spend some of our time playing online video games. For me, this was a start of a lot of friendships that to this day (10 years later) I still have.

As some of you may know I met Cameron and Ryan through the internet, playing video games to be precise. And around this time it has been 5 years since us meeting and becoming online friends. We decided to record a podcast and talk about the things we’ve done together so far.

Obviously our friendship only started out with us just playing video games online but then came a time where we started travelling together. This first started by Cameron inviting me and my friend Mustafa to come to Scotland and then him coming over to us in Amsterdam. And if you’ve read our earlier post you would also know that we went to Japan together with our friends. This is obviously a quick summary of the past 5 years, but other than that we definitely created some great memories together.

I’ve asked a couple of people what they thought about this and they considered this to be cool but definitely not a story they hear often. I for one hope that this will become a common thing in our future because it has 100% benefited my growth as a person.

If anyone else reading this has a similar story, please feel free to share it!


Listen to our podcast below to hear some of the stories and background of the past 5 years:


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