A Hong Kong’ers Valentine’s Day.

Ducking and diving through parts of Hong Kong to explore has been an enjoyable pastime for me and I think a few of you may have picked up on that. So with Valentine’s Day just coming around the corner, a few friends asked if there were some nice spots that I could recommend for them to ‘woo’ their dates at. These are some serious recommendations to nice places around Hong Kong that I highly suggest you should visit even outwith a romantic context (although I believe they may have serious potential to be romantic spots).

So let me run through this before you hop onto Google maps and frantically look up these destinations and plan your date. Some are more well known than others but it’s not the stereotypical places, which can give a bit more ‘special’ (I am using this very, very loosely) feel and ease in terms of being more peaceful and relaxed… unless you need the busy and rowdy environments to make things less awkward; then go to Victoria Peak and Tsim Tsa Tsui Promenade. 

I genuinely feel that a post like this is better than me recommending the best romantic and typical restaurants/bars/places in Hong Kong because showing a little bit of effort and individuality to go somewhere different can speak volumes. Honestly though, I really couldn’t give much advice on it anyway because I have no idea myself although there is a very nice bar in Western District called ‘BBM Lounge’, super relaxed atmosphere with nice drinks and super friendly bartenders (shoutout to Ray). Definitely go over and support the place, it’s real nice!

One last thing! Make sure you visit these places at night when all the city lights are up and booming because it’s much more atmospheric and scenic. Apologies for the quality of the photos I manage to clamber up,  I haven’t had time to go and revisit these places to take/retake them for you all but that’s all part of the surprise of you going I guess! Okay, let’s spill! 

Rooftop Garden @ IFC Mall, Central

This is actually a very popular place in general with a few rooftop bars and lots of seating areas but the Rooftop Garden is actually a huge public space and there are plenty of quiet spots around with some great views overlooking Central Pier & Observation Wheel.

Promenade Front @ Tamar Park, Admiralty


Tamar Park itself already is a spectacular outdoor space but at night when Hong Kong boasts it’s amazing night atmosphere, it’s a completely different environment altogether. The park itself is usually quite busy, especially the observation decks, but the promenade front is normally a little more peaceful and plus it has no obstructed view over the water towards Tsim Tsa Tsui.

Outdoor Garden @ Hysan Place, Causeway Bay

I’m not sure if this is actually an official place in terms of the directory but there is an outdoor seating plaza space at Hysan Place. The main seating area is very well lit and more open but around the side is a more intimate, dimmer planting block with high walls that act as a seating ledge. Great chill/hang spot to chat, and you overlook Yun Ping Road towards the Lee Gardens (it’s nice when they have all the decorative lights hanging up on the streets).

Rooftop Terrace @ Wan Chai Ferry Terminal, Wan Chai

Very similar to the promenade view at Tamar Park but elevated and clearer. This is a peaceful spot with a great view permitting it isn’t too busy at the time, and the Rooftop has lots of really nice seating areas & very well lit in terms of providing a cosy/intimate atmosphere.

Promenade Park @ Kwun Tong Promenade, Kwun Tong

One of the only places I know on the Kowloon side with a scenic waterfront view that isn’t crowded with ‘gazillions’ of tourists. Great waterfront walk with some sheltered and exposed areas and it is very much a gem of a spot. Make sure you go see the lighting piazza there, it’s a very nice addition to the visit (even if you don’t want to publicly highlight you’re on a date, i’m sure your news feed will appreciate the lighting sculpture performance). The light performance happens normally every half hour between 6pm – 10pm, but the lights are still on in between those times.

So these five spots are definitely interesting places to just visit regardless if you want to take a date there or not (to all the friend-zone folk, take your friends instead). Some sick views and peaceful environments to relax, you’re very welcome. Perhaps there will be a vol. 2 where I give you more but for now I wish my friends and all the Hong Kong’ers good luck and hope you enjoy your Valentine’s Day!

P.s. I hope you get a chance to visit regardless of purpose and be sure to let us know if you enjoy the spots we shared with you, be sure to comment, like or give the post a share with your friends as well!






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