Why you should venture to Hong Kong.

I gave a brief spiel about what I miss about Scotland so I find it only fair that I sell you some of the great things about Hong Kong.

  1. HK offers an insanely international environment to meet people from all walks of life from literally anywhere in the world. It’s a global platform for socialisation and if you are willing to take advantage of it then you will not be disappointed!
  1. Both urban and rural enthusiasts will find rhythm here. Whether you love exploring the some of the most compact and vertical urban spaces in the world or you want vast country park space boasting greenery with serious views, HK will give you exactly that. You can check out these kind of things because the scenic atmosphere is so diverse from the open landscapes of Sai Kung Country Park to the dense urbanism of Central, Hong Kong’s got you covered.16508192_10211513964142345_6575987625467165941_n
                                          View from Lion Rock
  1. Get your inner fatty out cause the food game over here is strong (even though they might not have the same quality of greasy hangover go-to that the UK offers), HK covers a range of some top quality western and local cuisines if you’re daring enough to venture and look for them. Street food (especially in Mong Kok) is a must.

    Shanghai Dumplings @ Paradise Dynasty

  1. Transport systems over here as so convenient, you can explore and jot around so easily without hassle. Wherever you want to explore, I guarantee that you won’t have any problems getting there by the transport provided in HK (just don’t go blindly walking onto buses or anything).

All in all, I genuinely think HK provides some spectacular opportunities and offers challenges that you may not be able to experience anywhere else in the world. It certainly has taught and provided a lot of perspective for me just in the short period of a few months. I appreciate everyone has their own preference in the type of environments they want to visit and see but this is definitely one you should be willing to give a chance to see, even if it is just for a short break. If you’re unconvinced or even more curious, we’re more than happy to discuss further but this is certainly a flavour of why Hong Kong is gonna be one of your hot spots!

Keep up to date, there’s gonna be more travel destinations coming this year that we will most promisingly try and brainwash you into visiting.

P.s. if you’re wanting some more visual persuasion then I have a relatively expansive gallery (continuously adding) of some nice shots around Hong Kong and other countries! Catch it all on my personal Instagram; @ka_hein_cameron


2 thoughts on “Why you should venture to Hong Kong.

    1. Certain areas within Hong Kong have more proficient English compared to other areas! Mainly Hong Kong Island seems to have a much better acknowledgement of using English but in general you can get by totally fine with English! So language is definitely not a huge issue in this case!


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