Movies I will be watching in 2017: The Best Year for Entertainment!

So now that it’s 2017, a lot of great movies are coming out this year.

This post serves as a reminder for myself and others that a bunch of cool sequels will be coming out throughout 2017!

John Wick 2 (February)

If you’ve seen the first movie you will know that there is no need to watch the trailer for the second part that’s coming out next month! And yes I strongly advise you not to watch it because I made that mistake and painfully regret it. For people who have not watched the first movie, you have 1 month left!

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (May)

The movie that made our beloved Chris Pratt a mainstream actor is getting a sequel! Volume 2  will take place 2 months after the ending of the first movie. I truly believe that this movie will be a guaranteed succes after seeing how well the previous movie was received.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (May)

When I was a young boy living on an island my dream was to become a pirate, so this movie series automatically became on of my favorites! I’m sure that Johnny Depp will make me be doing pirate impressions after I watch his performance

Jumanji (December)

So it’s finally the year where Jumanji is making a comeback! Like I mentioned in an earlier post, the reaction fans are divided. Most people are afraid that the memory of their childhood movie is being tarnished. While I’m also skeptical about this, I will definitely give it a chance.

Star Wars: Episode VIII (December)

From all these movies, Star Wars, is the one I’m looking forward the most! I’m sure that 99% of the world population has seen the previous one ”The Force Awakens” and cannot wait for 2017 to be almost over with so they can see this movie in particular.

What are the movies you are looking forward to in 2017?



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