My ‘high 5’ to my positivity.

I’m not a neurological guru or philosopher that has studied human behaviour but I am someone that has flipped my attitude several times from my teens till now and believe me when I say this is the best I have ever felt and never have I been so excited and determined to make things happen in my life.

  1. Ignoring the negativity; when people create a negative environment, try not to be sucked into their atmosphere. It’s possible to be considerate, listen and acknowledge people’s issues and problems but if they’re not willing to resolve it and be stuck in that vicious cycle, then make sure you don’t get stuck in that strut with them. Without being rude or abrupt, try and divert conversations more positively or onto different topics (or just spend less time with them) because it can be horrible when your mindsets are extremely different and they aren’t willing to reason and acknowledge their problems to fulfil a more positive perspective.
  2. Letting the little things slides; there’s so many things in life that just really are not that important, yet they significantly impact us for no reason. Petty little things that don’t affect us or aren’t significant have to be seen as what they are; unimportant. Learning not to let small things contribute towards negative emotions can make such a huge difference because all those small things will eventually build up and tip you over the edge.
  3. Surrounding yourself with positive influences; now each person has their own methodology in providing a positive surrounding. It could be plastering motivational quotes everywhere, having a very positive group of friends, watching inspirational videos regularly to keep yourself in tune, it could be anything you feel that affects you positively and will continue to bring value to inspire you to keep up with this mindset. Starting out was difficult, but you just have to commit to it. It is now much easier to keep myself in tune even though I don’t always do any of these things as regularly. It’s starting that’s the real tough part, so make sure you stick with it.
  4. Doing fulfilling and ‘feel good’ things; after working/going to class or whatever you may occupy your day with, more often than not you will be tired and want to just binge TV and be lazy. Trust me, I know it all so well. Having that down time occasionally is great for unwinding but doing activities or small tasks that are fulfilling and make you feel better about your own hard work and willpower can be key to promoting positive work ethic and emotions in your system, it has made a huge difference to how I operate day to day. For example, working out and pushing your limits to know you’ve tried and accomplished more this session gives a sense of reward and it feels good to know you’re improving/committing to hard work. This can be applied to absolutely anything you’re interested in so make sure you dedicate some time for this one.
  5. Personally, I feel without this one then the rest can only get you so far. Balance and awareness; positive mindsets are great and tough all at the same time but the worst thing is if you’re having an off-day and you just feel super low, down, annoyed or just completely filled with negative emotions. Let me say from my experience; it’s completely normal and okay. You cannot expect yourself to be robotic and function constantly 24/7, 365/Year. We’re human; we have off-days and being aware of an off-day to avoid beating yourself up or getting annoyed at yourself is detrimental in not allowing one off-day to turn into the start of a negative cycle. If I have an off-day, I notice it immediately and just focus on working that day to keep my mind in check and then relax after work. I feel it’s much more productive to keep busy without channeling any negative or misinterpreted emotions on my exterior that could potentially cause unnecessary issues. An off-day is what it is, it happens! Plus, taking a break from super-positive-mode-you is sometimes a good refresher to ensure you can continue with it longer in future.

Hopefully these 5 things can help you out on your own perspective because it has without a doubt helped me appreciate and be more positive in my decisions. Perspective really does matter when we are now in a society where everything can be publicised and misinterpreted just by the click of a button on social media.

– Cameron


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