A few things a ‘Scot-y’ misses about Scotland.

After spending my first month in Hong Kong, I am beginning to gather a feel of some lovely things that I miss from the land o’ the bru. Yes, the first and foremost; Irn Bru. The delicacy that cannot be accessed as easily anywhere else but in it’s homeland and I am most certainly craving it.

Secondly, a fry up. A fantastic Scottish breakfast is greatly missed (especially for those hangover mornings); tattie scones, haggis, black pudding along with all the classics. If you haven’t had one ever, go have it. If you are having one, eat more on my behalf.

A very important third is the air quality. The air quality is so much fresher back in Scotland, it’s definitely a miss in terms of health and comfort.

Although this is only a miss sometimes because it gets a bit too chilly to long for it all the time, I do miss the sensation of having to wrap up warm and walking out the door to still ”freeze my baws off”. The cool, fresh and crisp Winter is definitely missed, maybe not all the time but certainly on occasion.

I am anticipating my return to quench the thirst for my dear misses of home. But in the mean time.. I shall enjoy all the simple things that Hong Kong has to offer, so I don’t miss them too much when I leave!









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