What it meant to me to lose my iPhone 7.

So, I recently lost my Iphone 7 after only having the beautiful companion for a mere two weeks. Yes, feel free to flood in with the pity, sympathy and the exhaustive list of emotions you would feel and want to express. I won’t delve into the details revolving how the incident happened because there’s a more important lesson at hand apart from my stupidity and ridiculousness that lead to this happening.

But seriously, more than two years with my iPhone 6 without losing it and two weeks with a 7 and boom. How freaking…argh. Anyway….we’re gonna move on from this real swift.

This was actually a really important – although unfortunate – incident because it made me realise and learn a lot about my current perspective. I just mentioned I spent two years plus with my iPhone 6 without losing it, i’m not normally this careless and unaware, especially with expensive gadgets and important things in my possession. This was just such a rare and stupid incident that made me realise that perhaps i’m becoming slightly too ‘let loose’ which could have contributed to me being so careless. It was definitely a wake-up call to prevent it happening again. You have to learn to let loose, enjoy and appreciate everything but without losing your sharpness and wit when you’re riding through the journey of change, new experiences and fresh environments – lesson learnt, loud and clear.

Now that we’ve all learn about how stupid I can be; let’s look at the positive. Losing the phone didn’t make me angry, frustrated or lost; it was just inconvenient and poor responsibility of money spent. I wasn’t distraught over this materialistic possession that i cradled so gently for two weeks but I became more aware at what was being prioritised in my life; it definitely wasn’t the newest gadgets or possessions.

I want to share this with you all because, I love. Let me say again, I love. I love new gadgets and new things because it’s fun, exciting and just ‘cool’, i love new ‘techy’ things. But this made me realise that I’m becoming more fulfilled in my own personal growth rather than what latest ‘toy’ I get my hands on. I am learning more, exploring more and most importantly, doing more. I am not just thinking what if and browsing through endless pages of new activities and experiences I want to see and do but I am putting myself in the position to try new things (maybe not as spectacular as the things you see on Instagram or Lonely Planet’s latest travel blog) but they’re definitely a good place to start. This is crucial to me, I get to live in that moment and experience it all for real; not behind a screen or through someone else’s lens. Unfortunately not every experience is profound and life changing but just changing my mindset to see it positively and learning to take what I can from it, allows me to appreciate it so much more. Honestly, sometimes you only get one chance for things in life (sorry to sound cliched but it’s so bloody damn true).

This cliched wanderlust adventure is just beginning and I won’t be staggered by any adversity that presents itself, nor do I hope it staggers you in yours. We all think we have so much to lose and get so comfortable where we are but there is so much bloody sh** out there to experience; the gains are so much more worth it and if you really don’t enjoy such a big change then you can always stop and go back. But please, if you are going to remove some regrets from your future, start with this.

Make sure you give it a bloody good try because you will stumble across things you could have never expected to.


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