Real Student Guide 101

So being a veteran in student life, I feel by now I have mastered all the techniques and problems that students could and will face. From having no hot water for a week to eating Lidl’s own meatballs- in a-can to save some money, you name it, I’ve done it. Through these years, I have collected excess upon excess of knowledge in this matter and trust me when I say I know my sh*t.
But what is the point in having all this knowledge if not for it to be passed on?

Worry not, let me share my wisdom with you guys.

But don’t think that this will be a generic student tips guide. I’m not going to be telling you about buying bulk, or cutting spending by drinking less alcohol. Nor am I going to rant on about the importance of wearing sweaters during winters or explaining to you how tv licenses are a waste of money. As useful as they are, those tips are only the cherry on top of the icing; the icing that is student life.

No this guide is going to give you the real problems you’re going to face, and by reading this you can help prevent those problems from occurring and by on your way to cruise through the unforgiving student life. You can thank me later honestly.

This is a REAL student guide.

  • Make sure someone in your flat/accommodation has nail clippers.

Yes, it seems non-sensical and relatively trivial, but when your nails grow long and you start feeling the disgust of having long nails (especially as a guy), you’ll wish you had that small metal lifesaver that you overlooked.

  • Don’t waste your money on gym/ Don’t have unrealistically high expectations of an active lifestyle

Don’t lie to yourself. You really want to spend £100+ for nothing?

  • Pasta is your new best friend.

Have it for breakfast, have it for lunch, have it for dinner.. hell have it for a midnight snack too. This versatile little carbohydrate filled food can be everything you need if you want it to be…. Hmm… that sounds weird. pasta-openpic

  • Stop buying £3 meal deals.

Those from the UK will understand what I mean. Stop wasting money on two pieces of wet crap bread with one piece of lettuce and half a slice of bacon. If you really want that I could make that for you and charge you £1. Seriously, I’m open to offers.

  • Library is good for central heating

The library during winters are lifesaving. You should probably go there to study too… I guess..

  • Drink the magical liquid that runs from your tap for FREE

It’s FREE and essential to your life. Oh and also it’s FREE.

Also stop buying bottle water. Like you’re getting this sh*t free from your tap. Why are you paying for it?



  • Don’t buy heavy items without a good contingency plan to take them home.

Don’t be a student newbie like me and buy 20kg weights only to realise that I did not have enough money for the  bus. REGRETS

  • You’ll never know when you’ll need scissors.

Seriously you never know.

  • Insta-coffee > Starbucks

£3 for coffee a day. £21 a week. £84 a month. Damnnnn thats a lot of money.(Ok I get not everyone drinks it everyday, but man, that stuff pricey though.)

And last but not least…..


  • Just sleep earlier.

There seems to be a stigma with sleeping early and actually it’s the most logical and trivial solution to making those 9am’s bearable. Just try it.. It’s free.. And it doesn’t hurt.. So what are you waiting for?..








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