Planning, planning and more planning…

I’m a creature of habit; just as most people are, if not all. A habit that I find creeping in my subconscious thought consistently is planning and scenario preparation; I always plan out how I imagine situations will go and play out alternative scenarios so I am prepared with expectations in which things can pan out. This is without a doubt, an extremely mentally consuming habit that has just found itself being integrated with all my other traits. I have planned my whole life; birthday parties, interviews, holidays, even the most ridiculous things like what I’m going to say to my family at dinner time.

So we can all appreciate that I have a mentality that embraces planning to the ends of the Earth. Whether good or bad, it’s a bit of give and take. Let’s just say there’s some disappointing moments when things don’t go the way you plan out for. But as I realise now, it perfectly acceptable to have it that way; it keeps life interesting right? Ultimately, we cannot control everything or plan out everything that will happen. It’s inevitable that you will encounter disappointment and surprises no matter how maticulously you have planned. Your exhaustive list of scenarios will always lack millions of unanticipated possibilities.

Now, I’m not saying go cold turkey and just throw your arms up and rave about how you’re going to take life by the helm and not even consider your future. But rather, plan out a base idea and be prepared with options/alternatives but don’t over do it to every speck of dust (obviously speaking figuratively because if you could plan every speak of dust then you’re obviously some extreme planning machine and you shouldn’t give it up, unlike a layman like myself).

Be ready to accept changes, different outcomes and surprises. Rather than proactive, play life a bit more reactively.

AmI speaking a whole load of *ahem*? Perhaps. But the past several weeks of, I have been the most unplanned I have ever found myself (have pity for my planning brain because it’s screaming and shouting, day in and day out). I am now finding myself on a sleeper train to London to catch a flight to move to a different country for several months; with no accommodation organised and no immediate destination to go to. I’ve never felt so unplanned and insecure about my organisational skills in my life. Yet, I’ve never felt so relaxed and excited. I’m ready to take all the surprises and challenges ahead without planning but I am most certainly, prepared for it.

Appreciate the day by day and strive to enjoy it all regardless of the situation. Life could be a lot worse, believe me.

– Cameron


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