Why today is the best day to start your goals.

Pretext: By start I mean starting anything; start going to the gym, start learning a language, starting yourself on the path to achieve dreams or goals, or even start writing a post about ‘why today is the best day to start’ which has been put off for a couple of days…..

So lets face it, as much as we all write ‘self motivated’ on our CV’s probably the majority of us do not really live up to that principle that we want others to believe. We’re just downright liars. Like really. Just think about it. Seriously though, we are all guilty of this and if we weren’t, then right now we would all be speaking french and bearing washboard abs.

Before cries of ‘it’s because I have no time’ or ‘I’m always too tired’ are voiced, lets just establish that I understand: it is hard to motivate yourself sometimes and everyone falls in to that lazy pit at some point. But fear not guys, I am here to help you climb out that lazy pit with my motivation ladder!! No but seriously, I get the feeling. My aim is to offer my perspective on the matter as someone who has been through it.

So here we come to the reason of this post; Why is today the BEST day to start?

Well what I feel helps put things into perspective is to ask yourself one simple question: How much better off NOW would you be if you had started a year ago?

So hypothetically say you wanted to learn french (I mean who doesn’t right?), and if you really stuck to it and practiced every week for three hours – less than half an hour a day –  then after a year you will have racked up 153 hours of french which would make you more or less proficient in the basics and more. Or if you looked at it the other way, you wasted 153 hours which could have been used to better yourself, whether that be physically or mentally.

It’s honestly a simple concept to grasp and it’s understandable that not everybody would find this a significant point. But I truly believe this point stands. At 22 years of age I have come to realise that from 18 onwards, I have not improved myself in accordance with the time past. Referring to my previous analogy, I have wasted a possible 612 hours. 26 days. Almost FOUR straight weeks. And what did I use that time for? Facebook, Youtube, Television…. All the usual culprits. Putting it in that respect is a daunting thought.

However, while it is so easy to reel from that fact that you or I have wasted time,  that should not be a hinderance to not make a start. If anything it should be a reason to start now. While self pity or self loathing is something we so easily fall into, in essence it is a massive waste of time and energy. So often do people hear friends or family complain about not going to the gym and gaining weight but don’t do anything about it. For some, it is all they are ever going to do but hopefully for people reading this, they can gain a perspective of how much time we waste complaining about it than doing it.

Starting today may seem like a daunting task or a lot of effort. It may seem like a lot of unnecessary trouble for something that may not reward much. It may seem like a waste of time when you’d probably rather sit on Netflix or Youtube. But starting today is the hardest part. Starting today means that you are breaking that sloth-like-mindset that has stopped you this whole time from starting. Starting today means that you are one step into a whole new range of possibilities. Starting today means that you are slowly progressing and growing as a person.  And lastly, starting today means that one year from now, you will be happy that you did start.


8 thoughts on “Why today is the best day to start your goals.

  1. I like this. Sometimes when I need motivation I’ll ask myself “what will the me one year from now wish I’d done?” I really need to do that more. And I love the point about writing “self motivated” on our CVs, I’ve done that too.

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