Stranger Things: Five reasons to watch the show now!


Stranger things kids

Having jumped aboard the ‘oh look everyone is raving about this great new show so i should watch it too’ bandwagon, I spent the good part of two days watching America’s new craze ‘Stranger Things’on Netflix. And boy did it deliver.

If you for whatever reason have not watched this show yet – and are a fan of horror/sci-fi/adventure series – then here are a five reasons why this show should be on your completed list now!

1. The Kids

Honestly, the kids on this show were some of the more talented actors I have seen in a while on any show or movie. They made their characters very entertaining to watch in light-hearted/comedic sequences while displaying solid acting skills in more serious scenes; truly bringing their characters to life. There was never a moment where I did not want to see any of them on my screen. The friendship displayed between them in the show felt genuine and they seemingly have become close in real life too! Keep an eye out for them, because I have no doubts this talented bunch will be in more productions! Watch them in action with Jimmy Fallon below!


2. The pacing of the story

A good story should never be rushed, and this certainly is the case for Stranger Things. With slow starts a primary reason for someone to stop watching a show (especially for me at least), Stranger Things did not fall into that category for me. Immediately from the onset in episode one, you are introduced to so many plot inducing moments; all of which are slowly played out throughout the eight episode long series. Definitely kept my attention!



3. The homage to the 80’s.

The Duffer Brothers – the creators of the show – said themselves that the show is a homage to ’80’s pop culture’ and you certainly get a feel for it when watching the show. The show predominantly uses that 80’s ‘kids having secret adventures on their bikes in suburban America while keeping their parents out of the loop’ theme and uses it well; sharing the same feeling with the likes of ‘E.T’ and ‘The Goonies’. After adding in some horror and sci-fi/government-conspiracy themes, you truly get something that feels familiar but still unique enough to stand on its own. Having so many themes in a show may seem a little over-ambitious, but Stranger Things pulls it off in style.

characters stragner things.jpg

4. The cast of characters.

Though some were arguably cliched, all the characters were played really well and had their own unique characteristics and challenges. I really did feel for some characters at moments, and enjoyed seeing their development throughout the series. They were realistic while being very entertaining as well and the group of kids really sold me the show.


5. The set up for next season.

While watching the series, you got the feeling that the series was a one season production as everything seemed to be leading up to one final confrontation. But after watching the last ten minutes of episode eight, you immediately realise that that is definitely not the case! So get ready for season 2!

If some of you already have watched Stranger Things, let us know what made the show for you!


12 thoughts on “Stranger Things: Five reasons to watch the show now!

  1. I loved the 80’s vibe to the story, there were bits that reminded me of the good old days of 80’s cinema. I saw homage to Stand by me, ET, Goodies etc. And it really did grip me, Winona Rhyder (Ryder??) Was on top form too. Brilliant review and all the good stuff I loved about the series 🙂

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