What made our first week in Tokyo even better…

As of now our first and last week in Tokyo has already come to an end. What was already a very fun and exciting week was made even better thanks to our host Shogo.

All the positive reviews and photos gave us a really good first impression of Shogo, he seemed like a really nice guy. Based on his profile picture, the fact that he wrote a book about travelling and that he is an AirBnB host we also thought Shogo was in his late twenties. To our surprise, Shogo was the same age as us but our first impressions were definitely not wrong!

For the first couple of days we were away a lot so we only had a few short talks with him about Tokyo. But on the third night, he came down with a bottle of French cognac that he wanted to share with us. That was the start of an hour long conversation that gave us the opportunity to get to know him better. We talked about possible activities to pursue in Tokyo and awe also shared some funny stories about each other. This pleasant gathering that was simply just conversing between one another made us feel as if he was one of our friends.Throughout the next few days in Tokyo, Shogo joined us on our trips and even guided us to some other places we weren’t aware of.

The next day he came along with us to celebrate our friends birthday. Before we went anywhere Shogo offered to take us to a small sushi shop that he enjoyed in the past for a quick bite and then to a “special” cafe for a drink. The cafe itself was a fun experience because they offered a spontaneous celebration for the ‘birthday boy’ but that’s a story for later.

The third place we went was Asakusa to visit the Sensō-ji temple.

And lastly Karaoke! This was one of the most enjoyable activities with Shogo because it was the first time we saw Shogo more as a friend than a host, he was really relaxed and just enjoyed himself.

This post is really just dedicated to how fortunate we are with the trip so far! Opportunities come and go, definitely make sure you take advantage of them because they can really pay off and change an experience completely! So thank you for the hospitality and life long friendship Shogo, it’s been amazing!


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