Why I want the mindset of Gianluca and why you should too.

Perhaps you’ve seen him come through on one of your social media feeds, a 49 year old business man with hips that simply do not deceive, Gianluca Vacchi.

Here he is in action with his lovely wife, Giorgia Gabriele.


Thanks to a successful career in the automobile & financial industry he has been living it up with his wife, and many friends.

So what can we learn from Gianluca?

1.  Have a cool style – Even though it might help, you definitely do not need to be a millionaire to have a good style.

About last night…clear violet #gvlifestyle

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2. Acquire dance moves – This is something we can all do, for free even! The fact that you are reading this means  you have an internet connection, so why not look up some YouTube videos and learn?


3. Enjoy life, however you can.- In his newly written book he gives advice on how to live a fun lifestyle. He writes about how things such as a right mindset and physical health are important for a fun lifestyle.

ENJOY! @jogiorgiajo @marcoborriello @barb.nogueira #gvlifestyle

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I hope that people realise it’s not only the money that brings you a fun lifestyle but rather the way you think. Having a positive mindset is enough for us non millionaires!

Hopefully some of you can use this as an inspiration to find your own desired lifestyle.

-Unlikely Guys


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