Ridiculous ways Pokémon Go can continue to rule the world’s app market and make us love it even more…

Shoutout to the 90s kids that know of Pokémon already and to all the new Generation Z and Tweenies; you now know what this huge craze is. Pokémon Go has been causing social media booms in the most crazy ways and infecting every corner of the world (it’s even casting shadows on Trump’s ridiculous campaign).

As a forward thought towards this current craze, we decided to brainstorm a few ideas to see how Pokémon Go could continue dominating the world.

1. PokéTaxi – Tired of walking around hunting for PokéStops and hatching eggs? Call a PokéTaxi to take you around the best gyms, PokéStops and hatch those eggs with no leg day hassle!

PokéTaxi could be a crazy app/idea that companies could actually use to promote and attract business! I have actually thought about doing it myself to earn some extra ‘dolla’ but unfortunately i’m not familiar with my locale of PokéStops…

(Photo : William/JapanTrends)

2. PokéTinder – Tinder integrated with Pokémon Go to meet your PokéDate and meet to go Pokémon hunting for your first date!

Tinder took the world by storm… Pokémon Go is taking the world by storm… why not bring them both together to make a PokéBaby?

(Photo : Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for Nintendo)

3. PokéWorkout – hatch your Pokémon without walking so far, why not squat till your legs burn instead?

If you’re someone that have their hands tied between choosing to go out on a PokéHunt and a gym ‘sesh’ then why not do both? Then you could actually ”be the very best”.

(Photo: Stocksy/Anne-Sophie Fjelloe-Jensen, Graphic: Julia Wu for Well+Good)

4. PokéBook – use your Pokémon Go profile to socialise with other trainers and keep them updated on what you’ve caught recently or where the best gym is!

People complaining about your constant Facebook/Twitter spam about Pokémon Go? Keep up with your friends that want to see your updates and make friends with other Pokémon trainers you meet along the way! Gotta friend them all.. Pokébook! 

(Photo : Tania Gonzalez/CNET)

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