What to do to stay on track of your goals

Recently, I’ve started doing a couple of new things that will greatly benefit me short-term and in the future. But that’s only if I don’t quit.

So after researching what I can do to keep myself motivated and not quit, I stumbled on a method that many people contribute to their success and happiness. And so far, it has worked for me!

The method is a combination of writing down your goals and carrying a card with those goals with you EVERYDAY.  

1. Writing down my goals

So the first thing I did to have a constant reminder was writing down my goals. I did this because all the successful people I look up to encourage others to write down their goals.

I wrote short-term goals that I want to achieve within a year such as cooking skills and physique goals. And lastly, Long-term goals that I want to achieve within 5 years such as academics, career and what kind of person I want to grow into being.

For both type of goals I wrote in detail what things I have to do and give up/sacrifice to achieve them. I wrote down which skills I need to improve about myself and what bad habits I need to break.

This is important because only when it’s clear to you what has to be done to achieve your goals, you will have a better understanding on how hard you need to work to get to them.

2. Carrying a goal card

Now, that you know what your goals are and what you have to do, you should look into writing a Goal Card.

A Goal card is a piece of paper that you will carry with you EVERYDAY until the date that you gave yourself to achieve a goal is over. It should be small enough to fit in your wallet or bag. You will look at it at least TWICE a day to constantly remind you, what your goals are. 

Advice given by the originator of the goal card, Bob Proctor, is to write the goal in the sense that you already have achieved it.

In the video Bob Proctor explains that if you should write the goal in the present, instead of the future, because if the image in your brain of you achieving it is constantly in the future it will be harder to get to.

3. Combining the 2 steps

So here is how to write a goal card

-At the top of your card you write a goal and by which date you want to achieve it.

-After that, you write what you will give in exchange to achieve it.

-And finally, describe under which conditions you want to achieve it.

Extra: Include a picture of the people you look up to or inspire you at the bottom of your card.

An example of a goal card for someone who wants a fit body:

Source: By Radu Antoniu of www.thinkeatlift.com

I hope this post helps you with achieving your goals!

If you have any question feel free to ask them below.



2 thoughts on “What to do to stay on track of your goals

  1. Sorry for bothering.you said that you make 2 goals one is short term and the other one is the long term.so did you read both the short/long term goals at the same time??


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