James Corden. Craig Who?

Craig Ferguson hosted ‘The Late Late Show’ from 2005 – 2014. After overwhelming success during that nine year period, he decided to retire from the show (I have actually began watching his episodes and I am in complete awe at how much of a smooth talker he is, very much a fan now).

Honesty from my conscience; I was never a big fan of talk shows or even a frequent viewer of them. The occasional dose of Jimmy Fallon or Conan (only because of Kevin Hart & Ice Cube’s apperances, sorry Conan!) and maybe even Graham Norton, sufficed my curiosity whilst I was in my ‘television junkie’ phase.

James Corden took me and more importantly; the internet, by storm.

Let me hone in on one of the biggest uproars that Corden has managed to brew within the world; Carpool Karaoke (CK). If you go onto ‘The Late Late Show’ YouTube Channel and check the video count views then I can promise you that CK racks up most of, if not all of the most viewed videos existing on that channel just now.

CK exposes some of the most ludicrous and crazy moments that everyone in the world can or have experienced themselves; singing whilst in a car. It is an ingenious way to connect to everyone in the world because it allows viewers to feel as if they’re part of this experience with people they admire, adore or even just acknowledge; celebrities.

I honestly believe that this one typology within Corden’s varied show schedule already sets a benchmark for his show. In today’s social media presence, where celebrity news is plastered everywhere, people in the world want to know more and see more and CK provides a unique window to see a different personal perspective of celebrities that is different from what is read day to day in other media; it’s absolutely ingenious because it rides the current social media wave that people feed on everyday.

Following years of dislike and maybe (in denial of) being jealous of Justin Bieber or even One Direction, CK gave a very different perspective of their personality and what kind of people they actually are. Please note that this is coming from someone that didn’t pay attention to any positive social media relations about them, the only time they were brought up in conversation was for some negative discussion or possible ‘slagging’. It can be argued that this has all been tailored to provide exactly this kind of response within social media but that’s another discussion to be had in a more philosophical and ‘deep’ context…

Overall, CK provides a very reasonable length of pleasant, entertaining and exciting content that has blown up over social media; shares, retweets, GIFs, memes, hashtags.. you name it, it’s there.

And you know what? Don’t take my word for it, go and check it out for yourself

Oh and if you do take my word for it.. make sure you check out the Chris Martin CK; my personal favourite.


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